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How Freestuff Works!

Give Away Unwanted Items

Freestuff is SUPER easy and free to list items you no longer want or use.

Your first step is to create an account. Then listing an item is a fast process. Up to 9 people can request your item, you select who gets the item and let them know the pick up details.

Give Something Away Today!

Requesting Items You Like

You must be a Freestuff member to request an item. If you see something you would like then click the request this item button.

Then you wait and see if your request was accepted. You can request a maximum of 5 items a month.

Still have a question? Please visit our FAQs

Freestuff FAQs

Keep Freestuff AWESOME!

There's only a few basic rules. Items you give away must be a physical item. So that means NO services, NO events, NO off-site links and NO ebooks.

Please try to list reasonable quality items.

Freestuff has the right to remove listings.

We encourage you to use our member feedback system and keep our Freestuff community AWESOME.

Thanks for sharing, caring and being great Freestuff people!